About Deep Heat

Deep Heat background

Deep Heat is the No.1 selling heat therapy brand. This range of products is designed to offer effective and targeted relief with the relaxing benefits of heat therapy.

These products are recommended for nagging back pain and muscular aches and pains. The range features the Deep Heat Rub, Deep Heat Spray, Deep Heat Bath Tonic and the Deep Heat Patch.

Deep Heat Products History

  • It has been marketed for almost 50 years
  • It has been available to consumers in more than 40 countries
  • Estimated sales in the UK alone are approximately 50 million units since its introduction

Popular Questions

When can I use Deep Heat?

To relieve aches & pains caused by fatigue, sore or over stretched muscles, twinges from awkward bending or strains caused by heavy lifting. It can used Before and After exercise, also to treat MINOR sports injuries and treating of painful recurring conditions.

When can I use Deep Freeze?

To FREEZE pain away after suffering from sprains , strains after injury sharp shooting muscle pain.

What is the difference between Deep Heat and Deep Freeze?

Deep Heat – It use HOT therapy to Increases the blood flow to affected areas providing oxygen & nutrients to aid healing process & help restore movement while Deep Freeze use COLD therapy, cold causes blood vessels to constrict which minimizes damage thereby reducing the amount of repair required & freezing the pain instantly.

Mentholatum Company

Specialists in family healthcare for over 125 years

Mentholatum, specialises in family healthcare producing the UK’s No.1 selling pain relief heat and freeze brands, helping people manage muscular and joint pain.

Mentholatum also produce non-medicinal and food supplement products to help support active lives, sporting lives and later in life.

Founded in 1889 in Wichita, Kansas, Mentholatum has grown into a global health and wellness company with a reputation for quality and value.

In 1988, Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. acquired The Mentholatum Company.

Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd is the second largest consumer health company in Japan, establishing its position as a world leader in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, skin care and health care products, distributing in more than 110 countries globally.

Situated in East Kilbride, Scotland, Mentholatum Company Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of high quality healthcare products.